Plans are underway for the fourth vintage market. For the first time, The Rolla Mission will be the recipient of the proceeds from the market.

The Vintage Market was designed to move from one organization to another as soon as the goal has been met, according to Linda Carr, creator of the event. 

Carr said, “The Rolla Mission is a perfect fit for the market. It has such a worthwhile mission. It also has a huge pool of dedicated volunteers to help stage the event. And we’re so pleased that we could find a site in Rolla so that volunteers and shoppers won’t have to drive to Doolittle this year." 

The Vintage Market will be held at Columbia College, 550 Blues Lake Pkwy. The setup for the event will be Oct. 21 – 22 and the sale will be held Oct. 23 – 24.

Donations of artwork, antiques, furniture, vintage and contemporary accessories, jewelry, housewares, collections, and other pieces will be welcomed soon.

“Many of us have items in good condition that have brought us joy. But maybe we’re tired of them or no longer have room. Those items can serve a twofold purpose. They can make new memories for someone else and the proceeds will provide needed help to The Rolla Mission and its patrons,” said Ashley Brooks, executive director of the mission, in a release on Monday. 

“Plus, if you volunteer during the two days of setup, you’ll have a chance to meet some of our patrons and get to know their incredible stories,” Brooks said.  

Each year there has a growing number of artwork and ceramics among the offerings. That trend is expected to continue this year, with both originals and framed prints to be sold. An original oil has already been donated, according to Carr. 

As soon as it is safe to intermingle amongst neighbors again in the community, the Logistics Committee for the Vintage Market will be in place so that items can either be dropped by the storage site, or community members can call and they will be picked up.