When you think of quilt guilds, you usually think of the beautiful or comforting quilts you admire or sleep under. Who would have thought the quilters would pull out their stash of fabric and make hundreds of masks to help cover folks during the COVID-19 virus outbreak.

The Piece and Plenty Quilt Guild (PPQG) of Rolla, Sewing Endeavors, the Missouri State Guild and numerous other guilds have been busy sewing for weeks. When the PPQG members were asked who they made the mask for, they replied family friends, community and numerous organizations. Among the organizations were Phelps Health, the health department, fire and rescue, Barnes Hospital, Kid’s Harbor, Mercy General in Sacramento, mail carriers in Sullivan, Pro Medical in Toledo, Ohio. Yes, PPQG members also live and have family in other states, helping not only our surrounding counties but reaching family and friends, as well.

PPQG members make the time to not only make masks, but baby quilts for three area agencies and pillowcases for Russell House. Last year the PPQG made 119 baby quilts, twice their annual goal. PPQG again took the National Challenge in March, completing 528 pillowcases for Russell House in Rolla. Usually several members make them at home and also come together during the month of March to assemble the pillowcases. Staying at home did not stop them from contributing a significant supply again this year.

The pillowcases, masks and baby quilts were made from members’ own supply of fabric and a large donation from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  It is amazing how remnants and scraps can be turned into such useful products.  Next time you curl up under a quilt, think about how wonderful it is to know the scraps helped another individual sort of heartwarming.

When the PPQG can resume meetings, they invite guests and new members to join in the fun. Visit their website at www.pieceandplenty.com for more information.