Meramec Vineyards and Belmont Vineyards come together to assist first responders during virus pandemic.

Meramec Vineyards, in St. James, and Belmont Vineyards, in Leasburg, have joined forces to create hand sanitizer for first responders.

The first run has yielded successful results and will be enough to provide 900 bottles to first responders, owner of Meramec Vineyards Joseph Boulware said in an email.

“We are planning to continue this throughout the pandemic. So far, the hard cost is $1.50 per bottle. That is the bottle, nozzles and labels… we have absorbed the labor and fluid costs — we have plenty of both at the moment,” he said. 

Boulware and owner of Belmont Vineyards, Jeff Voss, are distributing bottles to local first responders in multiple counties and wherever a future need may arise.

“Meramec Vineyards and Belmont Vineyards are proud to be able to provide this service to our community,” he said.

Boulware said both companies are currently looking for sponsors to keep the project going and growing. The companies will be affixing a sticker to sponsored bottles to show in writing who has sponsored the bottle of hand sanitizer.

Donations and prospective sponsors can contact Boulware at the Meramec Vineyards Winery Facebook or by email at