The Doolittle Rural Fire Protection District will be making rounds around Doolittle, Newburg and Jerome on Saturday for their First Responder Parade.

Community members who reside in the Doolittle, Newburg and Jerome area are invited to join the Doolittle Rural Fire Protection District (DRFPD) on Saturday for the small parade. 

DRFPD said the parade is a way for the department to interact with the community without physically interacting with community members in person. Due to the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus, the department will not be able to hand out any type of eggs or candy, and ask that residents and their families remain in their yards and practice social distancing during the event. 

“We know that the last few weeks have been trying and difficult, to say the least, but we want to try and make at least one kids day by doing this,” the department said, noting first responders won’t be able to drive by everyone’s house but should make it to several. 

The parade will start at 2 p.m., with plans to reach all of the destinations along the route by 3 p.m.

DRFPD plans to complete the Doolittle route by 2:20 p.m., then be in Newburg by 2:35 p.m. and onto Jerome by 3 p.m. The Missouri State Highway Patrol plans to participate in the parade, and possibly other agencies. 

The Parade Route

1. The route will start at Doolittle Fire House 1 and proceed down Eisenhower Street.

2. DRFPD will turn right on Bradley Street, then a right on Schoefer Street.

3. DRFPD will continue on Schoefer Street over to Truman Street.

4. From here DRFPD will turn left and go over to the Lakeside/Lakewood subdivision.

5. From here, DRFPD will proceed back to Doolittle and turn left onto Schoefer Street and continue on County Road 7280, where they will turn around at the storage units and then head back down to the four way.

6. DRFPD will then proceed to MacArthur Street where they will turn left and proceed to Newburg.

7. DRFPD will stay on Main Street and take a left on Front Street.

8. From here, DRFPD will take a left on Water Street and proceed up the hill to Doolittle.

9. Once DRFPD reaches Doolittle, they will jump on the interstate and proceed to Jerome.

10. When DRFPD reaches Jerome, they will travel on Main Street up to Walnut Street where they will turn onto Pearl Street on down to Main Street.

The parade was originally scheduled for Sunday, but it was moved to Saturday due to the weather forecast, DRFPD said.