Dear Editor,

Election authorities should be good at counting. They should transparently report the turnout and the results.

This is what I find unsettling about the article in the Friday, April 3, 2020 newspaper (“Clerks say Changes Needed for Elections in a Pandemic”, Austin Huguelet of Gannett News) which appears to suggest that clerks are broadly in favor of those changes.

Less than two weeks ago, I received an email from Shane Schoeller (R, Greene County Clerk) and Eric Fey (D, Co-director of St. Louis County Board of Elections). The email was sent to all county clerks, asking us our opinion on things like no-excuse absentee voting, expanding central polling locations (which take voters from all polling places and thus are at significant risk for multiple voting on election day), and drop-boxes for ballots. Despite my very busy schedule, I thought it was important to reply. When I did, I cited objections to many of the changes proposed. Mr. Schoeller got my email “vote” on the proposals because he acknowledged my input.

It is interesting to think that, by sending this email, Schoeller and Fey have called for a vote. Then, without reporting turnout percentage or results, they are granted the favor of reporting results as if all clerks favored their proposals. Where is the accountability? Where is the transparency?

This is really disingenuous, and I would like to go on the record as saying that Mr. Schoeller and Mr. Fey are not speaking for me, and certainly may not be speaking for some of the other local election authorities.


Pamela K. Grow 

Phelps County Clerk