My husband was in the drive thru at Arbys in Rolla on Thursday, April 2. Gary was driving a white work truck with a large metal tool chest and other construction tools in the bed of the truck. He had a construction materials, blue gloves a face mask on the dash of his truck.

Ahead of him in line were two squad cars with Rolla Police on the side. The officers were in full uniform and had to grab their food and eat on the road.

The two police cars proceeded through the drive thru and when it was my husbands turn to proceed to the first window to pay for his food, the employee at Arbys informed my husband that the officer ahead of him had already paid for his lunch and said to tell him “Thank you for your service.”

This act of kindness during a very difficult time of Covid-19 is a beautiful example of people caring for others.

We wanted to thank this officer, Andrew Wachtner, in squad car 880, for his sincere act of kindness. Our officers are sacrificing their own safety each day yet officer Wachtner driving squad car 880 took the time to do something very nice for someone else.