Compass Health Network is still open and continues to provide services to current clients and admit new clients. Compass health has also launched a new immediate access and disaster hotline in addition to the network’s 24 hour crisis hotline.

Compass health’s newly created crisis hotline is staffed by qualified mental health professionals who will help those in urgent need of care. People who need immediate access to services should call the hotline at (888) 237-4567.

People can also call the network’s centralized number (844) 853-8937, where all questions and needs for assistance can be handled. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic has spread, the nonprofit health care organization said it has taken action to change the way it delivers services to its clients in Missouri.

Compass Health Network in a release on Tuesday said it has completed this transition and is now serving most of its patients through the delivery of virtual visits. The organization is now using Microsoft Teams, Zoom and FaceTime as well as telephone to maintain connections with consumers.

Compass health has also taken action regarding specific buildings and has temporarily closed its short-termed residential addiction programs to transition to delivering services virtually. 

The healthcare organization has also temporarily closed most of its dental clinics.The network’s dental clinics in Clinton, Union and Wentzville remain open for dental emergencies. 

Longer-term residential facilities for individuals with mental illness also remain open and under special protocols regarding personal protective equipment.

Compass health said it has not laid off any employees due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but has asked some employees to take leave if their job is less than full-time.

“We are trying to keep everyone employed throughout this period, and have offered the allowance of negative leave balances, a technical process that allows staff whose locations have been temporarily closed to use a certain amount of paid leave hours that they will earn in the future,” according to the healthcare organization’s release. 

Compass health’s primary care clinics also remain open, with some services delivered virtually. Patients can still come into the health care organization’s primary clinics after they are cleared by the network’s medical staff. 

Compass health’s Clinton and St. Peter’s primary care clinics have been designated as the locations at which staff will see and treat any patients experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19.  

The health care organization said, at this point, there is appropriate personal protective equipment and protocol for both clients and staff at all of its locations. 

Anyone in need of additional information can visit Compass Health Network’s website at