Six patients have now tested positive for COVID-19 in Missouri, according to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

The Missouri Department of Transportation is allowing heavier than normal truckloads of supplies and equipment to travel on Missouri highways in a direct effort to prevent, contain, reduce and treat the effects of COVID-19.

The department said the waiver allows private and for-hire motor carriers to haul up to 10 percent more than their licensed weight on non-interstate Missouri highways.

While the waiver is in effect, participating motor carriers are limited to a loaded, gross weight that isn’t greater than 10 percent of the gross licensed weight of the commercial motor vehicle. 

Motor carriers are limited to the transportation of supplies and equipment within the state of Missouri. Drivers must obey posted bridge weight limits, and the driver must restrict their vehicle speed to 30 mph when crossing a bridge, the department said. 

The department said vehicle tires must also be rated to the gross loaded weight of the vehicle or heavier.

“Travel under this allowance is only permitted on non-interstate highways. Those taking advantage of the weight allowance cannot operate on any portion of the interstate highway system,” the department said.

The waiver remains in effect through April 30. There have been 164 patients in Missouri tested for COVID-19. The Department of Health and Senior Services said two residents of St. Louis County, two residents of Greene County, and one resident of Henry County have tested positive for COVID-19.

The location of the newest positive case will be announced soon as public health professionals make notifications, the department of health said.