Former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to win Missouri’s Democratic primary.

News sources projected his victory over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders just after polls closed using data from exit polls.

His margin is not yet clear as actual results are still coming in.

However, exit poll data from the New York Times suggests Biden won big among black voters as well as voters over the age of 50, who made up 71 percent of 1,644 people surveyed.

That advantage mirrors previous wins in Southern states like South Carolina that have propelled him to the top of the Democratic field.

The survey also had Biden holding Sanders to a tie among liberals and dominating among moderates and conservatives.

Those kinds of numbers bolster Biden’s claim to be the candidate best suited to unite a fractured party and a divided country.

Sanders, on the other hand, appears to have dominated among voters ages 18-44 and those who consider themselves very liberal. He also led among the 17 percent of those surveyed who said they make less than $30,000 per year.

Biden tied him among those making between $30,000 and $49,999 and did better among those making more, though. He also dominated among the 59 percent surveyed who consider beating Donald Trump more important than having a candidate who agrees with them on major issues.

There are 68 delegates at stake in Missouri: 44 will be awarded based on performance in each congressional district and 24 will be awarded based on voting statewide.

Missouri Democrats also have 10 "superdelegates," who would help pick the nominee if no candidate can piece together a majority of pledged delegates by the end of primary season.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump was projected to win easily, as expected. Of the 834 delegates pledged so far, President Donald Trump has 833 of them.