The Rolla Daily News headline that Republicans want to make it harder for citizen petitions to change the States Constitution should not be supported. 

The majority of citizens voted on petitions to legalize medical marijuana, raise the minimum wage, make drawing legislators districts less political partisan, and stopping the union busting right to work law. Yet, despite trying to overturn the voters will the Republicans are reelected to office with wide margins.  It could be ask why they are reelected when they work against the will of the majority.

The answer I think is that voters may agree with some Republican policies, but many of those same voters thought legalizing medical marijuana, keeping unions strong, and making our elections fairer were good ideas.  We need to tell our Republican lead legislature to leave the citizens right to petition for Constitutional changes alone. 

It is our only means in this highly polarized time of assuring that when we disagree with one policy we can change it without throwing out the people or policies we agree with.  It is also short sighted to think the current petition policy is good only for more liberal policies.  What conservative policies might a petition be used for tomorrow? 

Those who want to make the petition process more difficult are saying that they want a minority, too often led by moneyed special interest groups, to have the power to block the will of the majority. Let them know this is not right.