Rolla High School’s Leadership class is busy hosting many community and school activities and recently hosted a talent show to raise money for The Rolla Mission.

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America teacher, Jamie Cantrell, said students raised $450 for The Rolla Mission, a nonprofit charity that exists to be a refuge for the disadvantaged and a unifying force in the community.

The Rolla Mission started ten years ago as a ministry at the Vineyard Church in Rolla. It consisted of volunteers who saw that community members who visited the church to do their laundry were also hungry, so the ministry started providing food for those who weren’t fortunate enough to know when they would have their next meal.

The word spread about the volunteers' work. And in 2014, the ministry became a separate nonprofit charity for people in need of the generosity offered from what was once a small ministry at Vineyard Church that has now flourished and expanded services for people who are in difficult situations, which includes those who are in housing.

The Rolla Mission works with agencies on both the local and state level to connect people with the resources that can assist them, as well as free meals each day, so no one has to go hungry in the community.

The Rolla Mission is open every night November through March from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m. for anyone that is homeless and needs a place to rest at its location at 708 N Main St. in downtown Rolla.