Law enforcement says K-9 Rony uncovers more illicit drugs after detecting 222 pounds of marijuana over a mere four days.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said in a Facebook post that K-9 Rony is a good boy after Rony assisted authorities in finding illicit drugs during a traffic stop in Cooper County on Tuesday.

The highway patrol said that authorities in Cooper County stopped a vehicle for speeding and lane violations on Interstate 70, where during the traffic stop, Rony detected 45 pounds of marijuana inside a suitcase and plastic totes.

The highway patrol said that Rony also found Ecstasy and other pills during the traffic stop early Tuesday, which follows Rony assisting authorities with two separate traffic stops on I-70 that turned into drug busts in early February.

Rony found three stolen guns and 115 pounds of marijuana on Feb. 1 after the highway patrol said authorities stopped a car for failure to use a turn signal on I-70.

Rony then uncovered another 107 pounds of marijuana during a traffic stop on Feb. 3 after the highway patrol said authorities stopped the car for speeding and following too close on I- 70.