The Extension Council of Phelps County invites the public to the Council to Community Banquet featuring sociolinguist, Matt Gordon, in February. Missouri speech patterns have changed over generations due in part to vowel shift, when one vowel is pronounced with the same sound as another vowel. An example is ‘Sorry’ pronounced with an ahh vowel sound instead of an orr sound, ‘SAH-RY’ instead of ‘SORE-Y’. Vowel shifts are found all through Missouri, as University of Missouri Professor Matt Gordon has found in his research. 

Matt Gordon will be joined by 4-H member and reigning Miss Summer Fest of St. James, Caiti Townley as the speakers of this year’s banquet. Other attractions include games for prizes. The top prize is a custom designed metal art work by the St. James FFA, valued at $70, donated by the Phelps County 4-H. Bring $5 in small bills to play all night.
A roast beef or chicken dinner and entry are included for $15 with proceeds supporting Extension educational programming. The 2020 programming includes work in youth development, agriculture, livestock, leadership and health.

Registration can be found at or by calling (573) 458-6260. The Banquet is 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 20 in the Eugene Northern Hall, at W. Fourth St. in Rolla.

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