A proactive child exploitation investigation by the South-Central Computer Crimes Task Force has led to the arrest of a 28-year-old Fort Leonard Wood man who faces one felony count of child enticement and a felony count of promoting prostitution.

Deputies arrested Austin Michael Peyton, 28, of Fort Leonard Wood, on Thursday, Jan. 23, while he was in a vehicle outside The Centre, in Rolla. Authorities said Peyton had contacted a detective with the computer crimes task force earlier that day, who was impersonating a juvenile under the age of 15 online.

According to the probable cause statement, Peyton was informed that the age of the profile he was in contact with was under the age of 15 before he asked, “Wanna make some money?”

Authorities said Peyton continued his proposition, and before he disclosed how to make money, he asked, “Are you a Virgin?” According to the probable cause statement, Peyton solidified he would pay money for sexual contact with the minor and provided specific instructions and a location where the sexual contact would occur, claiming he would pay $200 for sexual contact.

Law enforcement said they immediately interviewed Peyton after they made contact with him while he was sitting in a vehicle outside The Centre, and Post Miranda Advisement, Peyton said he was at The Centre to meet a person, had in his possession $200 in cash, and via the specific social media account, the content would substantiate why he was at The Centre.

Peyton is charged with one count of child enticement and one count of promoting prostitution in the third degree. Peyton was denied bond because he was believed to pose a danger to the community, according to court documents. Peyton has a confined docket hearing scheduled at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday in Phelps County.