Department encourages citizens to slow down and move over when approaching a scene of a crash.

The Waynesville Rural Fire Protection District said a semi-truck struck the department’s heavy rescue truck after fire personnel arrived at the scene of a motor vehicle crash on westbound Interstate 44 at mile marker 157.

As Waynesville firefighters began checking for injuries related to the crash, the department said their heavy rescue truck arrived at the scene, parking further behind the crash to perform a lane drop and keep traffic from getting to close to the incident.

The department said several minutes after moving the heavy rescue truck behind the crash scene Thursday morning, a semi-truck struck the heavy rescue truck on the driver’s side, damaging the mirror and driver’s door.

“If we had not had the blocker truck in position, the semi-truck could have struck the accident scene,” the Waynesville Rural Fire Protection District said in a Facebook post on Thursday. “Please, from every emergency responder, when you approach an accident scene slow down and move over."

A sheriff’s deputy was parked further behind the heavy rescue truck, the department noted.