Another corrections officer is facing a drug charge after allegedly bringing synthetic marijuana and tobacco into Moberly Correctional Center.

Timothy Davis, 23, was charged Saturday with delivery of a controlled substance with intent to distribute after North Missouri Drug Task Force investigators allegedly found roughly six ounces of synthetic marijuana, commonly known as K-2, and several bags of tobacco in his vehicle parked at the prison.

An internal investigator at the prison told task force investigators that Davis was possibly bringing in illicit narcotics, according to charging documents. He reportedly told the task force that Davis was scheduled to work Saturday morning and that he may try to bring something into the prison.

Investigators met with Davis just before his shift was about to start. They asked Davis if he had ever brought tobacco into the prison. He reportedly told investigators that he had been paid about $300 through an application called Cash App four times to smuggle in tobacco to two inmates, Andrew Paxton and Johnny Pentelton.

No contraband was found on Davis’ person.

The investigators reportedly told Davis they thought he was bringing in more than just tobacco based on how much he was being paid. They also mentioned having tips that Davis had met with people outside to receive contraband. Davis initially denied bringing in anything other than tobacco and asserted that he had only met people outside to get the tobacco and money, the documents state.

Eventually, Davis reportedly got emotional and admitted to bringing in K-2 as well.

When asked, Davis told investigators that he planned to bring in the contraband that day and the drugs were in the trunk of his car. He told officers he had three grams of K-2, but they found 174 grams of the synthetic marijuana along with several unopened bags of tobacco when searching his car, the documents state.

The internal investigation is part of an initiative to improve security in Missouri prisons and limit the amount of contraband that makes into the hands of inmates, said Missouri Department of Corrections spokeswoman Karen Pojmann.

“We’re really proud of our staff for keeping the contraband out of the facility,” she said.

Four inmates are in segregated housing related to the contraband pending a further investigation, Pojmann wrote in a department statement. She said the department plans to update its mail policy in the near future to combat contraband entering prisons.

Despite the department’s efforts to limit the flow of contraband into prisons, some inmates still have access to drugs. At least two deaths at the Moberly prison since October have been linked to fentanyl overdoses, one also involved meth, and the cause of a December death at the prison is awaiting autopsy and toxicology reports.

This also marks the second case since October of a corrections officer allegedly bringing drugs into the facility. Dallas Twyman, 27, was charged in early October with possession of a controlled substance and delivery of a controlled substance into a correctional facility after he was allegedly found with a meth pipe in his utility belt while at work.

Twyman is awaiting trial.

Davis was booked in the Randolph County Jail on Saturday and posted a $20,000 bond Monday morning. His arraignment is scheduled for Feb. 10.