The year-end totals released by the Missouri Highway Patrol show a three-year decline in traffic fatalities statewide.

In 2019, 862 people lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents on Missouri’s roadways compared to 914 in 2018 compared to 826 in 2017 and 943 in 2016. In recent memory, 2015 is the closest year-end numbers to 2019 with 869 deaths.

Over the recent New year’s holiday counting period the patrol reports that no one died in a traffic crash during the 30-hour 2020 New Year’s holiday counting period. Last year, there were 11 fatalities during the much longer 102-hour counting period. The 2020 New Year’s counting period ran from 6 p.m., Tuesday, December 31, 2019, through 11:59 p.m., Wednesday, January 1, 2020, a total of 30 hours.

The patrol reported the same results when the holiday fell mid-week with a shorter counting period in 2014.

While no fatalities were reported, the patrol did respond to 72 crashes with 34 injuries and made a total of 56 arrests for driving while intoxicated statewide.

During the 2019 New Year’s counting period, there were 1,301 traffic crashes, which included 447 injured and 11 fatalities. Troopers made 130 arrests for driving while impaired during the 2019 New Year’s holiday. There were no boating crashes or drownings.

On the water, year-end statistics 2019 ended with 18 boating fatalities and 62 drownings statewide. Fatalities were up slightly from 16 in 2018. However, drownings in 2018 were down to 34 compared to 2019 and 59 in 2017.