Representative Smith,

As an elected representative you have a responsibility to elevate the level of discourse. But I have to tell you that your characterization of Speaker Pelosi is so ugly, slanted, inflammatory, and divisive that I'm seriously appalled. You expect her to work across the aisle, but then pour out such bile. How can anyone deal with you when you are unable to see events from another perspective?

You characterize Speaker Pelosi and her supporters as a radical liberal and socialist. Words matter. With your words you sow dissention. It might interest you to know that you have constituents who actually admire a woman who has been selected as the first female Speaker of the House in over 300 years of our history. TWICE. You might want to consider that you represent people who see the events of the past year from a perspective that is different from your own.

I am one of those people.

From my perspective money spent on a border wall that any able-bodied person can climb over or tunnel under is money wasted. Did you even know that there are wall climbing contests? The participants prove that walls are useless. You might want to check out those events.

From my perspective, Donald Trump is the one who "shut down the government." I don't even know that the Speaker of the House has that kind of authority. I should check that. It is shameful that I need to check as I’m unable to trust you to be truthful.

From my perspective the level of gun violence we see in the news daily is unacceptable. What am I to think when you expect me to tolerate Sandy Hook and El Paso Walmart and Las Vegas Outdoor concert? From my perspective you defend the rights of gun owners over my right to safely go about my life.

From my perspective, anything we can do to fend off the worst effects of Anthropogenic Global Warming are not just "nice to do" but are imperative to our species survival. What is there more important than having clean water and air?

From my perspective, holding a president accountable for abuse of his office is the DUTY of the House of Representatives. It’s in the Constitution. I did find fault with the Speaker when she hesitated to perform that duty. I saw it as condoning the actions of Trump and any future president who might act similarly.

From my perspective it is not "Do Nothing Democrats, led by the Speaker" that are holding up vital legislation it is "Do Nothing Senator Mitch McConnell." Of the 383 bills that have been passed by the House, 82% are still bottled up in the Senate. Nearly 75% of those bills were "Bipartisan." That is two in every three that your party supported. That you in all probability voted for along party lines. From my perspective that doesn't sound so very "partisan.” If there is “partisan” politics at play, from my perspective, that ball lands squarely in the Republican court.

From my perspective holding the two Impeachment Articles until McConnell is able it to give the house some sort of trial plan is just good sense. Any attorney would agree I would think. Imagine, if you will, walking into a courtroom to present a case when you don't know the rules? Imagine trying to prepare a prosecution which the House must do in those circumstances. I'm not myself a lawyer but I can easily see the inherent difficulty. You characterize the conduct of the Impeachment hearings as sloppy. From my perspective the conduct of Speaker Pelosi and committee chairs Schiff and Nadler were professional, thoughtful, serious. The conduct on the part of Republicans struck me as raucous and disruptive, pointless. From my perspective.

With every word you write, every time you write, you embody the divide that seems insurmountable between the two major political parties. You blame Democrats and the left for every problem. If only we would fold our tents and slink off into the night and let Republicans run things all the problems would just disappear. May I remind you that for two years, 2017 and 2018, Republicans held both houses of Congress, the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch [SCOTUS]. Can you explain why voters were so appalled that they flipped the house in the worst political defeat in history? Why don't you talk about that in your next "Capitol Report"?