The Rolla City Council approved a minor subdivision for the Miner Alumni Association to combine current ownership of property in downtown Rolla into one lot.

The Miner Alumni Association recently purchased additional property, and the specific plans haven’t been finalized. Still, the alumni association intends to tear down the existing building and combine the current ownership into one platted lot at 1100 N. Pine St., Rolla City Planner Tom Coots said.

“This minor subdivision is for them to combine the two plats together into one lot to allow for the future development of the property, possibly a new parking lot,” Coots said at the council's December meeting.

The one-acre property currently houses a vacant residential structure. The property is in Rolla’s Center City District, which doesn’t permit a stand-alone parking lot, but the property combination will allow for one, Coots said.

The property has frontage on Pine Street, a collector road, as well as 11th, 12th and Elm streets with existing sidewalks along the property frontage on all sides. The property should have access to all the necessary public utilities, according to Coots.

Coots said the Rolla Comprehensive Plan designates the property as appropriate for Rolla’s Center City District uses, which consist of civic, cultural and various commercial uses.

The Rolla Planning and Zoning Commission held a meeting and voted 6-0 to recommend the city council’s approval of the request.

The city council voted 11-0 to approve the ordinance during its final reading, authorizing the final plat of the Miner Alumni Addition. The approval of the plat will let the alumni association increase their on-site parking and any warranted future development, Coots said.