The case is not closed Congressman Smith.

Yes, the President did call the Ukrainians and specifically and wrongly mentioned wanting dirt on a political rival.

Yes, the Ukrainian President got a White House meeting and the delayed security assistance after President Trump learned of a whistle blower complaint and he was undoubtedly aware that the delay of security assistance was probably illegal.

Yes, again the president told Ambassador Sondland that he wanted “nothing” no “Quid Pro Co” after he learned that he was in trouble and the public was going to learn of his wrongly asking for foreign interference in our politics.

Congressman Smith brags that any articles of impeachment will not result in the removal of the President by the Senate. This may very well be true. Almost daily the President does something un-Presidential or not in the best interest of our country, so if the Senate votes not to remove him it can only be seen as a party over principle vote, certainly nothing to brag about. It has been reported that if the Senate held a secret vote on removing the President he would be removed from office. This to me shows a far clearer case of Republican Party politics being more important to Republican members than principles upon which this country was founded.

Congressman Smith claims that Speaker Pelosi has said she does not trust the American people to choose the next President. Congressman Smith should have placed the statement in quotes and told when and where she said it. It is not in quotes because she never said that.

Congressman Smith again used his position to complain about work not being done in the House of Representatives, yet says nothing about the 200 plus bills the House has passed and sent to the Senate for action where the Republican majority has failed even to have a hearing on them or bring them to a vote. Congressman Smith should not be blaming any democrat without at the same time pointing out the President’s lack of vision or support for that great health care program promised, common sense gun legislation, or finding new markets for our farm products lost over his imposed tariffs. 

A real leader would be honest and straight forward informing his constituents of all the facts and both sides of any argument. Congressmen Smith’s continued highly partisan and lop sided press releases do not meet the standard of a “Show-Me” leader.