A new MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) system at Phelps Health aims to make patients who need scans feel more comfortable while providing higher-quality images faster.

MRI uses strong magnets, radio waves and a computer to create detailed images of the body’s organs and tissues.

With its BlueSeal magnet, the Ingenia Ambition MR system uses micro-cooling technology that uses less than two gallons of liquid helium, much less than other MRI scanners with classic magnets.

Helium is becoming difficult to find, so this new MRI scanner reduces Phelps Health’s need of this element. In addition, the Ingenia Ambition MR system will reduce potential helium-related issues that MRI machines with classic magnets sometimes have.

“At Phelps Health, innovation is one of our core values, and providing new technology, such as the Ingenia Ambition MRI machine, is just one way we are using the latest technology to improve patient care,” said Phelps Health Administrative Director of Ancillary and Surgical Services Shawn Hodges.

The Ingenia Ambition MRI scanner is designed to provide high-resolution scans, which in turn leads to a better ability to make a diagnosis and decrease the number of rescans. In some cases, this MRI machine can lessen the amount of time some patients hold their breath during the scan.

“We hope our patients find this new MRI scanner to be a more comfortable experience,” said Dennis Enloe, director of medical imaging at Phelps Health.

With the AutoVoice feature included in the new MRI scanner, patients are guided through their exams. Phelps Health staff have the capability to lessen the noise of this scanner, too.

Patients can enter headfirst or feetfirst into the machine, and exam times can be much shorter for many patients. This scanner also has wider openings at the ends to benefit patients who fear being in enclosed spaces and improve patient comfort.

“This machine is a remarkable addition to our vast array of medical imaging and diagnostic services we offer at Phelps Health,” Enloe said.