The Phelps County Salary Commission recently held its meeting where the commission unanimously voted to increase the Phelps County Sheriff's salary.

Every non-chartered county in the state is supposed to have a salary commission meeting at least once before Nov. 30 of every odd-numbered year. The circuit clerk is responsible for calling the meeting and opening the meeting per state statute (RSMo 50.333).

The 99th General Assembly had passed Senate Bill 568, which allowed an increase of up to $6,000 for the annual compensation of a county sheriff and an increase of up to $2,000 for other elected officials.

The Salary Commission voted at the November meeting not to increase the base salary of all elected officials aside from the Phelps County Sheriff.

The discussion included information about compensation to some of the other chiefs of local cities and regional law enforcement agencies, and it was unanimously voted to increase the Phelps County Sheriff’s salary by $6,000 commencing with the next term of the sheriff in January 2021.

All the county elected officials were present aside from county surveyor who does not make a salary.