The Rolla City Council has scheduled the final reading of the ordinance for Monday.

The Rolla City Council held the first reading and public hearing for an ordinance to rezone 2050 Old St. James Road from a governmental and institutional zoning district to a light manufacturing zoning district.

Missouri Southern Seed purchased the property from the city earlier in 2019, Rolla City Planner Tom Coots said at the council’s November meeting. The property was declared surplus by the city, and Missouri Southern Seed currently doesn’t have any plans to develop the property.

The applicant intends to hold the property until they need to expand their business, Coots said. Owner of Missouri Southern Seed, Mike Cowan, said he might use the property to build more storage units, but doesn’t see that happening soon.

The property’s current governmental and institutional zoning only allows for public and semi-public uses, with no allowance for commercial purposes.

Coots said land zoned to accommodate manufacturing uses surround the property on the north, east, west and part of the south side; however, the property is also adjacent to a residential duplex development.

“The future land use plan does designate the entire area as appropriate for industrial type uses,” Coots said. “This appears to be consistent with adjacent and current future uses of the area.”

If the property is developed, Rolla City Code does require a buffer yard with landscaping to screen the area from the residential development, Coots added.

The Rolla Planning and Zoning Commission recommended approval of the request in a 6-0 vote.

The public hearing was opened at the city council meeting with no one speaking in support or in opposition of the proposed rezoning, and Rolla City Councilor Matthew Crowell asked Coots if the property owners of the duplex development, and the renters were notified.

Coots said the property owners were notified of the public hearing, but the renters weren’t. A sign was put up to inform residents of the public hearing and the proposed rezoning. There was also a notice in the newspaper, he said.

The city council concluded the first reading of the ordinance and will have the final reading to rezone the 3.8 acres of land from the city’s governmental and institutional zoning district to the city’s light manufacturing zoning district at their Monday, Dec. 2 council meeting.