During the November Extension council meeting two Maries county residents were awarded with the Leaders Honor Roll certificate from the University of Missouri and the University of Missouri Extension.

The Leaders Honor Roll awards local county citizens who stand out as community leaders and who have championed Extension, 4-H, and the work of Extension colleagues do to bring awareness to Maries county. This award is decided by the local MU Extension Office and recognizes these leaders as the best example of what is means to support MU Extension and 4H. 

The 2019 awardees for Maries county are Sarah Stratman of Argyle and Steve Vogt of Belle. Stratman and Maries County Bank are great supporters of Maries county 4H groups all throughout the county by purchasing multiple 4H project animals from Maries county youth and partnering with Maries County Extension to offer new programs and educational opportunities to the community.

Vogt is an active supporter of the local community by volunteering most of his time to assist with community events and programs sponsored by Maries County Extension. Vogt is always bringing new ideas to the table at council meetings and creating partnerships throughout the community.