The Interim Committee on Oversight of Local Taxation will hold its fifth hearing after residents throughout the state raised concerns on how counties access property tax values and the fairness of what's being taxed.

The committee will review the testimony and discoveries of the prior hearings and discuss possible legislative action to improve methods of taxation for property taxes, internet use tax and temporary taxing jurisdictions on Wednesday, Nov. 20 at 11 a.m. in House Hearing Room 1 in the Missouri State Capitol Building. 

Speaker Elijah Haahr, R-Springfield, announced the creation of the Interim Committee on Oversight of Local Taxation in July. He said the committee was formed to evaluate how local governments are determining taxes and are impacted by current tax policy.

“While the General Assembly continues to ensure Missourians keep more of their hard-earned money, we will remain vigilant that counties are not in return deviously raising Missourians’ taxes,”  Haahr said when he announced the creation of the committee. 

Haahr appointed Assistant Floor Leader J. Eggleston, R-Maysville, to chair the committee.