Thirteen Maries County residents completed a fall prevention program sponsored by the local Maries county Extension office.

The program, Matter of Balance, teaches fall prevention methods, strength and balance building exercises, and group based discussions. 

The Matter of Balance participants completed a once a week for eight weeks session where topics related to fears of falling and fall prevention were discussed. One participant noted “Since I have started coming to this class, I have not fallen. I am more conscious of picking up my feet instead of shuffling.” 

The program is created and owned through Boston University. The University of Missouri has partnered with Boston to administer the program to the citizens of Missouri as Missouri ranks high in the number of injuries related to falls in the older adult population. 

Maries County Engagement Specialist and Health and Nutrition Specialist, Kelsie Lineback taught the course. Lineback said, “It has been years since a health and nutrition specialist has taught a course in Vienna and I am happy to provide that education.”

Lineback is the county director for the Extension office located in Vienna.