I received a use tax mailer this week from Citizens for Public Safety. I’m for public safety but not for this new tax.

What the tax supporters didn’t say.

Proposition written so the revenue may be used for anything not just public safety. The county Prop 1 has no specific category at all.

If the out of state seller does not collect use tax, prop 1 and PS would require the purchaser to pay uncollected tax to Missouri Department of Revenue and file accordingly.

Revenue realized 10-15 % as much as ordinary sales tax (DOR website); for the county that approximately $600,000 to $900,000 additionally annually.

Currently county has over 4 million in CD reserves. No need for increase.

The E-911 portion of tax .25% was included in Prop 1 while maintaining a surplus large enough to make loans to the city (E-911 Financial Report).

And 100% of new Prop 1 use tax available to fund generic county government expenditures, even the E-911 portion.

Level the playing field they say: fairness. Really? Then why the following?

Forum Plaza Community Improvement District (CID), 1% added tax, no citizen vote, all returned to the developers. 

Transportation Development District (TDD), 1% added tax, no vote by citizens at large, millions returned to developers.

Kohls Tax Incentive Financing (TIF), no vote by citizens, 50% of sales tax and 100% of property tax returned to developers.

Westside (TIF), no vote by citizens with 50% of sale tax and 75% of property tax returned to developer.

Is it fair and leveling to give away sales and property tax to developers and then ask citizens for a new internet sales use tax? In my opinion, no it is not.