A reminder for everyone!

Tuesday, November 5, 2019 is the date for election on the Phelps County Use tax Proposition 1, as well as elections for similar sounding, but different, Rolla and St. James ballot propositions. Voters who live in those two towns get to vote on two ballots... one for the County and one for the city/town in which they live. Voters who live in the County area, get to vote on only one proposition.

It has been made to sound that there is only one issue applying to all jurisdictions. T'an't so! Please read the ballot very carefully to see where my fears might be.

The major difference is that the County proposition has no earmarked program for the money that will be raised by the USE tax. The commissioners will decide. I do not expect the current commissioners to defraud the taxpayers with how they will spend the money. But how will the taxpayer always be assured of how the money taken from them in a legal way will be spent in a way that leaves much to be desired. And, it will take one heck of a lot of effort to recover the lost money, and stop any fraudulent practice that might be going on, in the future. 

While in more recent spiels to the voters, a commissioner has said that they need the tax, while they hold $4.3 million in CD’s of your money, instead of doing what is right for each of the departments and spending some of that money. I really would like to know their intentions for that new tax money. By their admission in the wording of the ballot itself, the purpose of the tax is… "The purpose of the proposal is to eliminate the current sales tax advantage that non-Missouri vendors have over Missouri vendors."

What right does the county government have to do anything about equalizing competitiveness of business? Not in the American experience, I would say. Is this another step on the road to total socialism? Or, just cronyism?

I came to Rolla about twenty years ago. I remember paying about 5.5 % sales tax then. I bought something here in Rolla today and paid 8.6% sales tax. Where is the taxing going to stop? When we are paying as much as California or Chicago?

Vote NO on Phelps County’s Proposition 1.

For Liberty!