In compliance with the Rolla Cemetery rules and regulations, cemetery workers will be removing all funeral designs, artificial floral pieces and any other decorations which are on the ground during a formal cemetery pickup through Oct. 31. Family members may remove items themselves prior.

This procedure enables cemetery personnel to rid the cemetery of old and unsightly arrangements, thus enhancing the appearance of the Rolla Cemetery. 

Through October 31, all decorations placed on the ground and not on the grave markers are subject to immediate removal. A complete set of the Rolla Cemetery rules and regulations may be obtained from the cemetery office, located at 901 N. Elm.

Formal cemetery pickup occurs 4 times per year:

— The last full week of February

— The last full week of April

— The last full week of July

— The last full week of October

Additional information about the Rolla Cemetery is available at Patrons who have questions or concerns about Rolla Cemetery are encouraged to call the cemetery office at (573) 426-6901.