In his Oct. 17 op-ed Representative Jason Smith expresses his great dismay at how unfair and un-American the impeachment process is that is now gaining momentum in the House of Representatives. In so doing, Smith floods his argument with the common fictions of his president; essentially that this process is flawed, that House Speaker Pelosi and the ‘liberal elite’ are using impeachment for political gain and to weaken the validity of Trump’s election.


— Speaker Pelosi has not rushed to impeachment, but deferred until the various inquiries have been completed to see where they might lead — that is until now. 

— The Left has not tried to undermine Trump’s election. Rather Trump has used presidential time and energy trying to strengthen his shaky legitimacy by collusions and conspiracies that he feels question the validity of his election.

— Smith asserts the kangaroo court is skewing due process. The process for impeachment is constitutionally clear. There is no other court or process. And as far as the ‘American process’ is concerned, Trump merely circumvents it. 

— Smith lauds the President’s tax cuts for the middle class. It is common knowledge those tax cuts favored the rich, further increasing the disparity between the rich and the poor in our society.

— The constitution stipulates three impeachable offenses; Treason, Bribery, and other High Crimes and Misdemeanors. The latter are those offenses which refer mostly to character and fitness for office, such as ‘ill behavior.’ ‘evil conduct,’ ‘fault,’ ‘mismanagement,’ etc. These offenses would be easy to document.

— Finally, the issue of Bribery has now emerged with regard to the attempted Ukraine conspiracy and terrible mismanagement relative to the ‘knee jerk’ decision to abandon our Kurdish allies…

The list continues to grow… It seems to me that as the ‘plot thickens’ it will be harder and harder to tell these lies with a straight face.