Candidate for Pulaski County Sheriff Rex Larson announced on Monday that as sheriff he will support re-entry programs like the one operated by Missouri Ozark Community Action (MOCA). Larson said he will look for ways to expand them.

MOCA staff received training from federal officials which allows them to teach life skills and high school equivalency courses to individuals being held in the Pulaski County Jail, Larson said. The courses were initially taught in coordination with probation and parole and recently started in the jail as an attempt to provide more opportunities for training prior to re-entry. 

“The Pulaski County Jail should not be a revolving door for offenders,” Larson said. “If we can give these individuals the life-skills to find and keep a job, the chance that they return to our jail will drop dramatically.” 

Larson said his administration would do everything possible to equip offenders with the skills needed to become productive members of the community, and added that individuals must be committed to improving themselves.