The St. James Police Department completed the investigation into a motor vehicle collision involving a St. James High School student last week, the same day a train disconnected in the area.

St. James police said on Tuesday when officers arrived at the scene, Oct. 7, they saw the male high school student lying in the middle of the intersection of South Parker and East Washington streets. The high school student was removed from the scene by ambulance and transported by helicopter to a hospital in St. Louis.

St. James police reported the high school student was bleeding from his forehead and the inside of his right ear after he was struck by the driver side mirror of a Ford F-150.

St. James police attributed the incident to vision obstruction and congested traffic after police interviewed individuals who saw the student struck by the pick-up truck. 

A train disconnected in St. James on Oct 7, which caused most railroad crossings in the area to be closed and traffic congested.