The Move Rolla Transportation Development District program has reached a milestone with 50 percent of the program’s projects complete.

The program is advancing with the preliminary and final design of the University Drive realignment project identified in the Rolla Transportation Strategy that was adopted by the Rolla City Council in 2015. 

The study team is seeking the community’s input for the project that includes a new intersection near U.S. Route 63 and 12th Street/Miner Circle, to provide a safe environment for vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians due to the number of incidents along US 63. 

The realignment project will connect Interstate 44 and US 63/Miner Circle as a means to establish an improved gateway for the City of Rolla and more efficient access to the university and Phelps Health campus.

As the study team develops the project, the team first wants feedback on how often community members use University Drive and where community members are headed when their commute takes them on that stretch of roadway. 

The study team would also like the community to identify what they view as the most crucial factor when considering a new intersection near US 63 and 12th Street — driver safety, reduced driver delay, aesthetic opportunity, lower travel speeds or pedestrian and cyclist safety?

The intersection at University Drive/ Miner Circle and US 63/Bishop Avenue is projected to help with traffic flow and safety, and insight on what the community thinks about traffic signals and roundabouts is sought by the study team, so the project is developed to meet the needs of its users. 

The study team has a survey open for the community’s feedback at The information the community provides will assist in the comprehensive evaluation. 

The survey will remain open until Oct. 21.

A total of $19.6 million has been spent with roughly $13 million remaining for the Move Rolla Transportation Development District projects.

The Highway 72 Extension was finalized in 2018 with the purpose of providing an alternative route to relieve traffic on Kingshighway and US 63 by extending four-lanes of Highway 72/Ridgeview Road between US 63 and I-44. The project came in at $12.4 million.

There are currently four projects underway. The Bishop Avenue/US 63 improvements, which include intersection improvements and pedestrian signal timing, is slated for construction in 2020.

Construction for the University Drive realignment is anticipated to be underway in 2021.

The I-44 Pedestrian Bridge at University Drive, which provides a new pedestrian crossing that meets standards for a safe multi-use facility that is ADA compliant, is scheduled for construction in 2020.

The Kingshighway project, which calls for the corridor to be repaved with new curb and gutter, and the addition of a 5-foot sidewalk on the south side and an 8-foot hike and bike trail on the north side, is expected to have construction completed in 2020.

The Move Rolla Transportation Development District program’s projects will be complete come 2022.