There were many activities on campus during the 50th Anniversary Celebration at East Central College, but one particular activity gave community members the chance to leave a lasting impression on the college.

“We are constructing a series of ‘rose’ windows on campus,” Assistant Art Professor, Adam Watkins, said. “It’s called the East Central College Mosaic Project.”

Throughout the project, several students and staff members have decorated different pieces to be included in the art installation, including hexagons.

“The hexagon is found in nature and creates a sense of natural harmony,” Watkins said. “Overall the design is split into six wedges or regions that represent the six board members and the regions they represented of the college’s service area.”

Other shapes have also been a part of the project, including a house shape, circle shape and a plus sign. At the 50th Anniversary Celebration, more than 100 people stopped by to check out the project. Some 60 people actually took part in creating mosaic pieces.

“It was a very fun and active day,” said Jennifer Higerd, Assistant Art Professor. Higerd has been planning, researching and preparing the project with Watkins. 

“We are intending for this to eventually be installed in The Learning Center for the next 50 years. We feel this spot is the hub of what we do at East Central College,” Higerd said.