Rex Larson, a 20-year law enforcement veteran and Pulaski County native announced his plan to bring new leadership for a new direction to the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department.

Larson announced his plan to run for Pulaski County Sheriff Monday night. Larson is the school resource officer for the Laquey School District and has been commissioned with the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department since 2003. 

Larson graduated from the Bolivar Sheriff’s Academy in 2000 and spent time working as a deputy in Stone County. 

In his announcement video, Larson cited his time as a jailer, road sergeant and as command staff of the Pulaski County Sheriff's Department as qualifications to be the next top law enforcement official in the county. 

After responding to a burglary in 2006, Larson was shot twice by a perpetrator barricaded inside a home. He underwent 13 surgeries to remove pellets and repair nerve damage. In 2016, Larson was awarded a Purple Heart from the National Police Hall of Fame for his injuries. He said the experience taught him the importance of having leaders who have been on the front lines. Larson has served as a school resource officer since 2007, to ensure that the community’s most vulnerable- students and those who teach them- stay safe, he says.

Once elected, Larson says, he will bring professionalism and accountability to the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department. Under his leadership, Larson says there will be a renewed response to the drug crisis that is crippling the community and the community’s families. Larson says he is a proud Republican and will be a watchdog for county taxpayers. He added that he would stand with President Donald Trump and will work with federal agencies to enforce the nation’s immigration laws. Larson mentioned attempts by liberal politicians in D.C. to infringe on the nation’s Second Amendment rights and said that he would oppose any unconstitutional gun grabbing attempts as sheriff. 

Friends of Rex Larson, Larson’s campaign committee, has retained the services of HEBB LLC to consult on his race.