During a traffic stop in St. James, officers arrested an 82-year-old man, who was taken to a local medical facility after attempting to strike an officer with a closed fist, the release from the St. James Police Department says.

St. James police stopped a vehicle, Eugene Bartle, 82, was driving in the 900 block of North Jefferson Street on Sept. 3. Police say, upon contact, Bartle exited the vehicle and wouldn’t comply with the officer’s command. Bartle attempted to strike the officer with a closed fist and was then transitioned to the ground, police say.

The officer arrested Bartle and released him to the care of the St. James Ambulance for abrasions on his hands, arms and head, police say. Bartle was then taken to a local medical facility to seek further medical care, and was released pending a warrant application, the release from  St. James police says.

St. James Police Lieutenant Chris Pigg said in a statement on Thursday that the St. James Police Department anticipates a report on the case to be available in next couple days.