Mark Twain National Forest Acting Supervisor Tony Crump will hold a listening post about the Crane Lake High Hazard Dam Safety and Compliance Project from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. on Thursday, Sep. 26, at Thee Abbey Kitchen in Arcadia, Missouri.

Crump and District Ranger Becky Ewing will provide the public with updates on the results of the engineering studies conducted at the dam, talk about how those have led to the development of project alternatives and the initiation of public scoping, and will seek feedback from those in attendance.

Crane Lake is a 100-acre lake in Iron County, Missouri, located on the Mark Twain National Forest. The fishery is managed by the Missouri Department of Conservation.   Crane Lake is recreationally and economically important because it is one of the few large lakes in the area. 

Crane Lake’s dam is not in compliance with federal dam safety guidelines.  There is a need to address the hydraulic and hydrologic, structural, and seismic deficiencies noted by the inspections and studies for the purpose of protecting public health and safety, and the aquatic health of downstream reaches, from the risks posed by this dam. 

The Forest Service has been engaged with the public since the dam was initially determined to be out of compliance with federal regulations.  Multiple public meetings and field trips have been held over the past four years.  “We have gathered valuable public input, and coupled with the results of engineering studies, feasible alternatives have been developed to address the dam’s deficiencies,” stated Ranger Ewing. “We look forward to sharing and discussing this information with people interested in Crane Lake.”

An interdisciplinary team at Mark Twain National Forest is beginning the environmental analysis process of bringing forward alternatives and selecting a preferred alternative to address the dam’s deficiencies. This process and its timeline will also be a topic of covered at the listening post.