Missouri's Flood Recovery Advisory Working Group will hold its first meeting that is open to the public. The advisory group will address the state's flood recovery priorities following record-level flooding that has damaged the state's infrastructure and caused disruption and devastation to communities statewide.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed Executive Order 19-14 to establish the working group, citing limited resources to assist with the ongoing efforts to clean up and rebuild the extensive levee damage in Missouri that saw more than 80 levees overtopped or breached.

“The Flood Recovery Advisory Working Group will play a critical role in our path forward as communities across Missouri continue to recover and rebuild from record-level flooding this year,” Gov. Parson says. “We’re looking forward to the group’s input on our flood recovery priorities and improvements we can make to better protect our citizens and infrastructure.” 

Short term and long term flood recovery priorities, along with feedback on the state’s current levee system and suggested changes to benefit Missouri and its citizens, serves as the advisory working groups’s objective, Department of Natural Resources Deputy Director Dru Buntin says. 

“The group also will identify areas where attention is needed and provide input on priorities for allocation of state funding as we recover from this year’s flooding,” Buntin says.

The advisory group will look at options to improve the conveyance of floodwater through the state’s major rivers, Buntin adds, and the Departments of Natural Resources and Agriculture will convene the working group, designate a chairperson and provide staff support and assistance.

The executive order establishing the Flood Recovery Advisory Working Group directs the advisory group to submit an initial report to the governor with findings and suggestions by Dec. 31, with a final report due May 31, 2020. The advisory group will hold its first meeting at 9 a.m. on Aug. 27 in the Lewis and Clark State Office Building at 1101 Riverside Drive.

Members of the Flood Recovery Advisory Working Group include the Departments of Natural Resources, Agriculture, Economic Development, Transportation, and the State Emergency Management Agency. 

Representatives from the Missouri Levee and Drainage District Association, Missouri Farm Bureau, Missouri Corn Growers Association, Missouri Soybean Association, Coalition to Protect the Missouri River and the Missouri and Associated Rivers Coalition are also members of the advisory group.

Gov. Parson appointed four additional members — two to represent agri-business and two to represent local government interests. The governor says he may appoint other members to the advisory group. 

“The impact of flooding on our citizens and communities has been devastating, costing millions of dollars in property damage,” Gov. Parson said after signing the executive order. This working group will play a key role in establishing Missouri’s path forward to rebuilding infrastructure, revitalizing damaged farm ground, and refocusing our flood-control priorities.”