Beef producers in south central Missouri attended the 2019 Beef Dinner at the Belle Community Center.

The speakers at Monday’s 2019 Beef Dinner were Maries County native, Wesley Moore, and Miller County Engagement Specialist and Maries County Agriculture Business Specialist, Patricia Barrett. 

Moore spoke on the hot topic of cow and calf productivity, and the financial aspect of raising cattle in today’s market, while Barrett spoke on the most recent updates on the Missouri fence law. Around 40 Maries county residents were in attendance.

Before the dinner began, County Engagement Specialist, Kelsie Lineback took a few minutes to recognize Pat Snodgrass. Snodgrass has served in the University of Missouri Extension for over 41 years and will be retiring at the end of this month. Snodgrass has previously served as the County Program Director for Maries county for several years and currently serves as the Housing Specialist for Maries county. Snodgrass is also a native of Maries County. 

Snodgrass was presented a plaque, flowers and cards from the University of Missouri Extension Council and Extension office.

Maries County Bank sponsored the discussion by providing the meal and venue for the event and the Maries County Extension Council also assisted in coordinating speakers.

University of Missouri Extension’s programs are open to all.