The St. James Senior Center was honored to host the Phelps for the Fort meeting with updates on Fort Leonard Wood’s missions a highlight of the Aug. 1 meeting.

The senior center will also hold a Bluegrass Jamboree on the second Friday in September, as part of the programs and activities the center is holding for seniors in the community. 

"It was a pleasure to have the St. James Senior Center host the Phelps for the Fort meeting. We received the updates from what is happening at Fort Leonard Wood, the successes of the missions there and one of the Drill Sergeants, from Fort Leonard Wood, will be competing in the National Drill Sergeant competition,” St. James City Administrator Jim Fleming said. “Nancy Montgomery was able to show off our great facility and explain all the programs and amenities that both the Senior Center and the Caring Center offer."  

As the St. James Senior Center continues to provide programs and activities for seniors in the community, one activity coming up is the Bluegrass Jamboree. The Bluegrass Jamboree starts at 6 p.m on Sept. 13. The cost is a donation of $3 or more.  Refreshments are served, so mark your calendars to attend. The Senior Center thanks Gene, and ,Charlet, Hemme, for organizing the entertainment.