Watch out for a business saying they are printing a Phelps County or City of Rolla map as well as a company saying they are printing football team posters for area schools.

Executive Director of the Rolla Area Chamber of Commerce, Stevie Kearse, says some businesses are receiving invoices from a company going by “Hometown Productions” when businesses haven’t committed to the advertisement.  

Spring Hill Press is the official company that works directly with the chamber to print the Phelps County and City of Rolla maps that are then approved by the city and county.

The second scam circulating the area is a company going by “High School Posters." The company says they are printing football team posters for the school, which is not the case, Kearse says. They aren’t affiliated with Rolla or St. James schools, and no school is benefiting from a company’s  advertisement money. 

Kearse says if you would like to support Rolla Public Schools the legitimate company WIN Publishing is working with the Rolla Booster Club. They have been contacting businesses and organizations in the area for the last couple of weeks and the proceeds go back to the Rolla Booster Club and help Rolla Public Schools’ athletic programs.

“Again, I would encourage you to check with our office anytime a non-local, non-familiar company contacts you regarding advertising. There are so many companies that just want your money and have no follow-through in their products,” Kearse says.