The 26-year-old neighbor of a man Waynesville police found dead on Monday is now in the Pulaski County Jail on suspicion of killing the male.

Anthony Olden, 26, of Waynesville, has been charged with second-degree murder after Olden told police he had stomped his neighbor's head with the heel of his cowboy style work boots three times because he was angry, the affidavit of probable cause issued by the Waynesville Police Department says.

Waynesville police were dispatched to a possible homicide at a residence on Fleetwood Drive in Pulaski County on Monday, the probable cause says. Police learned that a Bail bondsman went to the home to revoke a bond on Shawn Raines, and when Raines didn’t answer the door, it was forced open. Police say Raines was found dead on the living room floor.

Police said when they arrived at Raines' home they observed heavy blood spatter on the west wall, blood splatter on the east and south walls and pooled blood and smears of blood on the floor, the probable cause says. “The body was stiff, indicating rigor had set in, and Raines had been deceased long enough for the rigor to set,” according to the probable cause.

Police interviewed neighbors who told police that Raines had been consuming alcohol at Olden’s residence during a barbeque on Aug. 4, with police finding blood on the inside and outside of the door to Raines’ home, as well as the light switch, the probable cause says.

Police also found blood on the exterior door of Olden’s residence, and a pair of cowboy style work boots with what appeared to be dried blood on them, the probable cause says. Police say Olden had moved into the residence within the past week and didn’t have utilities in his name.

Police located Olden on Monday and transported him to the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department for an interview where police read Olden his Miranda rights, the probable cause states. Police say Olden waived his rights agreeing to speak to police, with Olden saying he had argued with Raines and became angry after Raines head-butted him.

According to the probable cause, Olden told police he hit Raines and believed he had knocked him out. Olden said he had jumped on Raines and punched him in the face at least three times, before stomping Raines’ head with the heel of his cowboy style work boots three times, the probable cause says. Olden demonstrated to police during the interview how he used the heel of his boot to stomp Raines’ head, the probable cause says.

Olden then told officers he wasn’t intoxicated, “he was mad,” with the stomps hard enough to cause the blood spatter on the adjoining wall consistent with Olden’s interview and the evidence found at the scene, the probable cause says.  Olden told police he took off the boots and left them in the residence, and Olden said Raines was alive when he left since he was shaking his head left to right. According to the probable cause, there was blood on both sides of Raines' face indicating a seizure-like activity or convulsion.

Police say Olden didn’t indicate why he didn’t call the police, but Olden had left Raines on the floor and at some point retrieved his boots and then went to work Monday morning.

Police executed a search warrant at Olden’s residence and recovered clothing from Olden’s washing machine that Olden said during his interview with police he was wearing during the attack, the probable cause says. Police also found blood on the bathroom wall by the light switch and the back door of Olden’s residence where police found Olden’s boots, the probable cause says.

Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Hillman said Olden was charged with one count of second-degree murder on Tuesday with his bond set at $1 million cash-only.  

Olden is currently in custody at the Pulaski County Jail in lieu of posting bond. Olden has a hearing scheduled for Aug. 13 in Pulaski.