Each day of my life I wonder when will our state governor and politicians get their heads out and do the work that the people of Missouri voted for them to do.

They have not been able to get a simple fuel tax out for the people to vote on without adding trash to it. A fuel tax should be for "road and bridge repair or replacement only.” I believe that the people would pass it because they drive on the roads and know that they need repairing. The people of this state are not ignorant, like the politicians seem to feel that they are. 


Now they have come up with an abortion law that has little or no respect for the women of our state. According to the article written on June 8 in the newspaper by Rep. Jeff Shawan, who co-sponsored the bill, they appear to say that women have no rights as to their pregnancies anymore. They call themselves pro-life legislators and say that this new law is pro-life for the unborn children.


Where is the pro-life for these women and young girls who have to go through this process and what effect does it have on their lives. Some have overdosed on drugs and died, while others have tried to abort on their own and have deeply harmed their bodies. Every case of pregnancy and abortion should be determined on its own merits. 


Incest and rape have an enormous effect on the lives of pregnant children and women that have had to go through this process. Pro-life should stand for the abused women, as well as unborn children.


Apparently, Illinois is the only state close that still feels women do have the rights to decide what to do in this type of process. I am willing to bet that more abortion clinics will be added in Illinois. 


These politicians should remember that God loves all of his children and not just a few.