Haldex, a leading global manufacturer of air brake systems for trucks, trailers and buses announced Friday its sponsorship of Missouri University of Science and Technology's Formula SAE Racing Team.

The United States Senate Special Committee on Aging released a report in December of 2017 stating, “America’s labor force is aging,” and by 2026 the number of Americans age 55 and older, will make up nearly one-quarter of the labor force.


While employees are working longer, numerous sources have found that approximately 10,000 baby boomers are retiring each day. At some point, all industries will feel this pinch, but the question remains: What steps can we take to lessen this impact in the industry?


President and CEO of HDA Truck Pride, Don Reimondo, recently challenged an audience to consider it a personal mission to recruit fresh new minds into the Heavy Duty Industry. 


One of the ways Haldex is fulfilling this mission is by sponsoring and recruiting top engineering talent from the Missouri S&T's Formula SAE Design Team. The team consists of students from all levels and majors and requires cooperation between sections, providing an environment to grow.


Ron Moody, Chief Engineer, Mechatronics for Haldex, commented, “These programs develop skills in students that aren’t part of their regular curriculum. They’re the guys and gals that step forward and lead our organization, so when I think of the future of our industry, I think of these kids driving it.”


Missouri S&T's Formula SAE Design team has a distinguished track-record as the top team in the nation in 2017, and the eighth most team in the world in 2017 - 2018. The team competes each year in Michigan and Lincoln, Nebraska, with more than 120 teams from universities across the globe in attendance.


The team of Missouri S&T students tested a Formula 1-style racecar in May against other universities at the Michigan International Speedway as part of the Formula SAE Michigan competition.


The students designed and manufactured an aerodynamics package that helped produce downforce. For this year’s car, the students overhauled the cooling system, moved it forward and tilted it downward. For the exhaust system, the students moved the muffler to the back of the car to keep air flowing from the engine more efficiently than in previous years. 


The team placed 24th in the competition in Michigan. According to the preliminary results, the team noted, “We performed better than ever in design, had a great business presentation and sped our way to a full endurance run.” In June the team will race in Lincoln. 


The partnership with Missouri S&T's Formula SAE design team brings a new perspective to Haldex, and allows the leading global manufacturer of air brake systems to merge the invaluable expertise of senior staff with the fresh outlook of students. 


The collaboration of this union is truly exhilarating to watch, and a novel response to the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging's report on the future of the nation's labor force. 


Haldex, on a lasting note, extends this challenge: What steps can everyone in the industry take, to bring the next generation of optimistic talent into the Heavy Duty Market Sector?


To learn more about this sponsorship: https://youtu.be/_CGVNIFUP7k