A book was presented by Walter D. “Parky” Parkinson to the President of the Phelps County Historical Society, Mark Stauter.

The hard cover book, titled “A Collection of History, Honor and Humor, Ponderings, Prose and Poetry”, is exactly that, with Parky’s biography to tie all of it together.


At the presentation, the compiler of his writings and stories said “Walter Parkinson, Parky, has led a full life. A WWII vet, he has served in both the Navy and Army. He has been many places, but has always returned here (Phelps County).  Parky has been a soldier, a cartographer, a hard worker, a loving and loyal husband, a community servant, a writer, a poet, a comedian, a carver of wood, a follower of God, and a fun and faithful friend.  This book represents a good man in a good community.”  


Among Parky’s contributions are a display at Rolla High School of hand carved WWII military aircraft (like those used for military training when he carved them in woodworking class at RHS around 1943-44, and a poem about the Old Oak Tree on display at the St James Chamber of Commerce.


To conclude the ceremony, the 92-year-young Parky offered these words, “I hope the people who read this book will get a little something out of it, a little humor or a little something historical.  There’s a saying about people who write books; they say ‘a biographer never has enough information about his subject, but an autobiographer always has too much.’  I think this is kind of in-between - a little biography and a little autobiography.  I hope you enjoy it.”


For more information about the book, call 573.578.5910  

He was born in the area, graduated from Rolla High School, left the area to serve his country during World War II, returned here, married his dear wife Mildred here, raised his son here, retired here, and continued and continues to contribute to the area in many ways.