In 2001, the Missouri Association of State Troopers Emergency Relief Society (MASTERS) implemented The MASTERS Public Service Award. The Board Members felt that in addition to providing support for a Trooper's family when tragedy occurs, the board wanted to honor the Trooper whose service excels in the Patrol's continued commitment to enforce the law.

Each year, MASTERS presents the Public Service Award in recognition of a member of the Missouri State Highway Patrol who excels in the level of service they provided to an individual or community in enhancing the Patrol's motto of "Service and Protection".

According to the association, the award is in recognition of not only the importance of public service but to the level of service the community’s citizens receive, and how they are treated in the process. 

“It is the level of caring and commitment to excellence that the board recognize each year. The difficulty of selecting one recipient is a testament to the professionalism and character of the men and women within the Missouri State Highway Patrol."

Lifesaving Award
Corporal Jeremy R. McCurdy, Troop I

On February 11, 2018, Corporal Jeremy R. McCurdy was on patrol when he overheard radio traffic regarding an unresponsive female with cardiopulmonary resuscitation in progress. He responded and entered the residence where he found an elderly female attempting to render aid to a female lying on the floor. He believed the female showed signs of an opioid overdose and administered Narcan spray. He then provided rescue breaths until the female began breathing on her own. Ambulance personnel arrived, and as they were preparing to transport her, the female regained consciousness and was alert.


The MASTERS Public Service Award
Corporal Jonathon D. Fariole, Troop I

Corporal Jonathon D. Fariole and his wife promote epilepsy awareness, offer support and compassion to families affected by this condition, and started volunteering with the Epilepsy Foundation of Missouri and Kansas, Sky Granny Epilepsy, and VFW posts in Dent and Phelps counties to educate the community. At one event, over 50 community members, including dentists, nurses, daycare providers, local law enforcement, and troopers, learned how to recognize the signs of an individual suffering a seizure event. Cpl. Fariole organized a successful 5K event to raise awareness and donations for this cause.


Lifesaving Award
Corporal Kyle D. Wilmont, Troop I

On February 1, 2018, Corporal Kyle D. Wilmont responded to a medical emergency on Missouri Highway 19 near Salem, Missouri. When he arrived, he saw a female, who appeared panicked, leaning over another female. Cpl. Wilmont learned the second female had taken heroin and was unresponsive. Cpl. Wilmont realized her airway was blocked. He opened the woman’s airway by tilting her head, lifting her chin, and depressing her tongue. Her breathing returned, and Cpl. Wilmont found her pulse was getting stronger. He then administered sternum rubs for approximately five minutes before ambulance personnel arrived. The female was stabilized and transported to the hospital for treatment.