A 24-year-old man was arrested in Rolla on Wednesday and faces four felony charges in connection with a report of a stolen vehicle at a residence, two men accusing the 24-year-old of assault, and a female stating to police that she heard what she believed was the sounds of a baseball bat hitting a person’s head, court documents state.

James D. Hance, 24, of Rolla, was arrested at 3:45 a.m. on Wednesday and charged with two counts of second-degree assault and two counts of armed criminal action, according to the affidavit of probable cause issued by the Rolla Police Department on Wednesday.

Hance was arraigned on Friday with bond set at $500,000 and has been subsequently taken into custody at the Phelps County Jail, with a preliminary hearing set for Tuesday, April 16, according to court documents.

Rolla police had responded to a report of a stolen vehicle at a residence at 2:13 a.m. on Wednesday, April 10 and the vehicle’s owner told police that his vehicle was stolen while he left it running for a brief time and was last seen driving west on Highway 72, the probable cause states.

Police spoke with the vehicle’s owner and another male with him, the probable cause states. The male with the vehicle’s owner told the responding officer that an unknown male had physically assaulted him at the Rolla residence while another male got into the vehicle and drove off, according to the probable cause. 

The male, who told police he was assaulted, had “blood on his hands and was covered in mud and dirt as if he had been on the ground,” the probable cause states.

While the officer spoke with both the vehicle’s owner and the male with him, the officer observed a person with a flashlight walking around the residence, according to the probable cause. A perimeter was established, the probable cause states, and after a few minutes two females came out of the residence.

According to the probable cause, just before the last female came out of the residence, the officer observed a  white male with blond hair look out a window the officer was standing near, and the male went back into the house after the officer shined a flashlight on him. According to the probable cause, the officer believed the man accused of assault was still in the residence and the officer had observed him in the residence.

The probable cause states, officers then made entry into the house and in one of the back rooms of the residence a silver colored metal baseball bat was located as a possible weapon used in the reported assault. In a bedroom in the residence police then located Hance, the probable cause states, who the officer identified as the same man the officer observed looking out the window.

According to the probable cause, after further investigation the vehicle’s owner “positively identified Hance as the person who had assaulted (the male with him) and another male,” who the probable cause states, “had a 1-2 inch cut to the back of his head from the assault,” while the other male had a “goose egg” to the side of his head.

According to the probable cause, during the investigation, a female had further stated to police that she had heard three sounds outside the residence that she believed to be the sounds of a baseball bat hitting a person’s head.

Hance has a preliminary hearing set for Tuesday, April 16 in Phelps County.