A 47-year-old Rolla man is accused of possessing child pornography and promoting child pornography, according to court documents.

Justin Jay Horn was arrested on one charge of possession of pornography of children 18 or younger and one charge of promoting or intending to promote child pornography with children actually or appearing to be 14 or younger, according to the affidavit of probable cause issued by the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department.

According to the probable cause, the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department obtained a search warrant on Friday, March 8, and executed a search of Horn’s residence in Phelps County as part of an investigation into a cyber tip of suspected child pornography Tumblr reported to the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children.

On Dec. 5, 2018, a detective from the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department was assigned to investigate the report by Tumblr that a user utilized Tumblr’s services and had uploaded and shared 48 files of suspected child pornography, according to the probable cause.

The detective reviewed the files and found “that most if not all were child pornography” defined by Missouri statute, according to the probable cause. A file uploaded on Oct. 26, 2018 depicted an explicit image of a “female infant” that was shared on Tumblr, and a video file uploaded on Sept. 9, 2018 depicted a child who appeared to be less than 10 years of age, the probable cause states.

On March 8, when the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department executed a search warrant at Horn's residence, “a cellular phone identified by Horn as his was seized and forensically examined,” the probable cause states.

A search found one video file which depicted a child, who appeared to be a 12- to -14- year- old, the probable cause states. The video didn’t appear to have been professionally produced, and the file appeared to have been created and modified on Feb. 1, 2018, according to the probable cause.

Horn was interviewed as part of the investigation, and “Horn admitted to the ownership of the Tumblr account,” the probable cause states, and “Horn admitted to searching, obtaining, viewing and sharing the Tumblr files.”

Horn’s bond was set at $100,000, and a case review has been scheduled for Tuesday, March 19, according to court documents.