Gary Sweet, 59, entered a guilty plea in the murders of two Lake Ozark residents after spending more than 18 months behind bars. Sentencing for Sweet has been set for June 12 in Miller County.

Sweet was charged with two counts of first degree murder for shooting and killing Sheri and James Parker at the Riverview RV Park in Lake Ozark  after he was evicted by the victims, who managed the park on behalf of the owner.  Sweet was later charged with assault and armed criminal action. Several of the charges were dropped as part of the plea agreement. 


Two park residents called the police to report gun shots were fired into their RV around midnight on Nov.7, 2017. One of the residents was struck by projectiles and transported to Lake Regional Hospital for treatment of his injuries. They told police they were familiar with Sweet as a prior tenant.


Investigators found the deceased individuals lying in bed with  gunshot wounds.They were found in a two-story structure that contained the business office and also living quarters.


Law enforcement visited Sweet at his Phelps County residence at which time he told investigators he was home during the reported shootings. However, one of the officers touched the hood of Sweet’s truck and indicated it was warm to the touch.


Sweet’s cellphone had also pinged a Lake Ozark cell tower at the time of the shooting.


A search of the crime scene located spent 16-gauge shotgun shells. A search warrant was executed at Sweet’s Phelps County residence where a 16-gauge shotgun along with shells were found.


Security video of the campground showed a white male in a green zip-up hoodie exit the living quarters and office and walking around the park before firing into the side of an RV.


Sweet was originally taken into custody in Phelps County and transferred to Miller County.