A 39-year old man with three felony capias warrants and 15 prior offenses was arrested on Monday in Phelps County and faces eight additional charges after deputies attempted to conduct a traffic stop on westbound I-44, which led to a pursuit, a weapons violation and the man “intentionally striking the passenger side of (the deputy's) vehicle twice,” court documents state.

According to the probable cause statement issued by the Phelps County Sheriff's Department on Tuesday, Michael F. Miller Jr., was arrested Monday and charged with two counts of  first-degree assault, one count of resisting arrest, three counts of armed criminal action, one count of unlawful possession of a firearm and one count of driving while revoked.


On Monday a County deputy was en route to stop a vehicle on westbound I-44 that City of Rolla police officers had been following, the probable cause states, since one officer positively identified the driver as, Miller, who had three felony capias warrants, in addition to driving while his license was revoked.


When the deputy en route approached Miller’s vehicle with the patrol car's emergency lights and siren activated, Miller turned from the left lane to the right lane on I-44 in front of a tractor-trailer, the probable cause states. Then, according to the probable cause, the deputy overtook Miller’s vehicle to avoid being next to the semi at the 169-mile marker, while another deputy was able to pull behind the truck Miller was driving.


According to the probable cause, the deputy then began to slow down in front of the truck Miller was driving, and “the truck went partially off the road, accelerated intentionally striking the passenger side of(the deputy’s) vehicle twice,” causing the deputy to accelerate to avoid a spin-out crash.


The first impact of the truck striking the deputy’s vehicle occurred at the 169-mile marker in Phelps County, and at that point, according to the probable cause, Miller and the deputy were traveling between 35-to-45 miles per hour.


The deputy was in front of the truck Miller was driving when Miller  “attempted to overtake (the deputy’s) vehicle on the left when Miller turned his head looking toward (the deputy) and turned in to the driver’s side of (the deputy’s) patrol car,(the deputy) braked,” the probable cause states.


During that time, Miller lost control and struck a rock wall at the 167- mile marker on 1-44, rolling his vehicle on to the passenger side, according to the probable cause, and “deputies had to pull Miller out from his truck” because Miller refused to exit the vehicle.


Miller was then placed on the ground and "was resisting and refusing to give deputies his hand,” and one deputy had Miller’s arm, according to the probable cause, and “Miller was attempting to unholster a fully loaded .32 caliber pistol from a belly holster.”


The firearm was then removed from Miller’s possession by the deputy, the probable cause states, and a functions test was performed after the weapon was rendered safe, and the pistol functioned properly.


Dispatch proceeded to advise deputies that Miller was disqualified from owning a firearm, the probable cause states, and Miller was arrested on active warrants.


According to the probable cause Miller had active warrants through Phelps County for driving while revoked, through Pulaski County for driving while revoked, and a probation and parole absconder warrant.


Miller was transported to the Phelps County Jail where he was read his warrants and advised he was on a 24-hour hold for the eight charges, the probable cause states. Miller's criminal history was then obtained, according to the probable cause that revealed 15 charges for driving while suspended or revoked.


Miller has a case review on Friday, March 8 in Phelps County, according to court documents.